Dietitian Kasia Rarus

Kasia graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw. In recent years, Kasia has helped hundreds of clients who were either obese or were suffering from being overweight from being overweight or obese  back to optimal health.

Through her passion and deep understanding of nutrition, Kasia appreciates the value in re-educating, myth-busting, and removing the stigmas and preconceptions that have developed around nutrition and health.

Why diets fail?

There may be many answers, including:

– Unrealistic expectations 

– Restrictive diets

– Over complicated and time-consuming meals

– Lack of support

– Inadequate  exercise

– Lack of long – term planning

Therefore, if you want to:

– Reduce body fat based on a nutritional system which suits  your lifestyle, and taste preferences;

– Learn how to create meals that will provide you with the right amount of energy during the day

– Stop ‘being on a diet’

– Find a nutritional system that you can stick to long-term

– Eat pizza or a piece of cake at the weekend without worrying about your figure

– Achieve long- term results 

I invite you to start working with me!